Teaming wth All power Incorporated


Winning the Bid by Teaming with All Power Inc.

Contracting companies continue to be on the lookout for good and efficient ways to win a bid. A subcontractor with skills in a specific area is looking for a stable and reliable teaming partner. Teaming up with a Prime Contractor that is established, a company like All Power Incorporated in a Mentor- Protégé relationship, or Subcontractor-Prime Contractor relationship, can increase the number of opportunities available to both parties.

All Power Incorporated is well-equipped to work with partner companies in either capacity. For example, it can work to extend workforces, capabilities, and geographical reach that result in successfully completed projects. For example, a company that is based in Southern California, or other areas, can expand its business with All Power Incorporated in Northern California resulting in a great combination.

Benefits List

  • 1. Pool resources and expertise by combining financial strength and skill sets.
  • 2. Increase the opportunity to win large projects by using the Prime’s greater financial strength.
  • 3. Reduce administrative and program management costs during project work by leveraging the Prime’s experience in working with government agencies and at the same time, avoid costly oversights such as missing a pre-construction meeting or a test procedure thatcan result in redo’s and other consequences.

Please take an opportunity to see how teaming up with All Power Inc. can add to winning a bid. Contact All Power Incorporated and extend the mutual reach and territory of both companies.